Casa Marina

2,006 square feet

A Modern-Chic Living Style

Returning from abroad, the house owner, staying in an eight-storey house herself, craves for a stylish living environment. To present a modish design, dark-coloured furniture is mostly selected. Besides, sunlight shines through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, thus walls were painted in dark-coloured not only to moderate sunlight reflected but also further magnify the aura created. Plus, as for the high ceiling in the living room and kitchen, the ceiling has been suspended, also, a stylish chandelier and a modern giant wall-light have been installed to drop the focal point to a lower spot as well as to build up a comfy environment.


Casa Marina - Grande

Casa Marina - TVB

Casa Marina - Now TV

Casa Marina - Cable TV

Casa Marina - 720° 3D VR